Wat Chiang Man in Thailand

The oldest wat in the city, Wat Chiang Man was founded by King Mengrai in 1296 and features typical Northern Thai temple architecture with massive teak columns inside the bot (central sanctuary), which in Northern Thai is called a sim. Two important Buddha images are kept in a glass cabinet in the smaller wihaan (Buddhist image sanctuary) to the right of the sim. You can visit temples in Cambodia and see the difference between temples in Cambodia and Thailand through Cambodia itinerary.
The Phra Sila is a marble bas-relief Buddha standing 20 to 30cm high. It’s supposed to have come from Sri Lanka or India 2500 years ago, but since no Buddha images were produced anywhere before around 2000 years ago it must have arrived later. The well-known Phra Satang Man, a crystal seated Buddha image, was shuttled back and forth between Thailand and Laos like the Emerald Buddha. It’s thought to have come from Lavo (Lopburi) 1800 years ago and stands just 10cm high. A very interesting silver Buddha sits in front of the cabinet among a collection of other images. 
The sim containing the venerated images is open daily from 9 to 5. Wat Chiang Man is off Th Ratchaphakhinai in the north-east corner of the old city.  
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