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Tam Duong beach and Bai Dua

 If you want to discover this Vung Tau beach, package holidays Vietnam Cambodia Laos will make you really happy.
2. Front beach (Tam Duong beach) (2) 
Front Beach lies in the centre of Vung Tau City, along Quang Trung street, which is dean, beautiful and being enlarged. Several big hotels such as Palace, Rex, Song Hong Song Huong, Royal and Dong Da restaurant cluster at Front Beach area. From Front Beach you could take HaLong road, which has newly been opened, or Hoang Hoa Tham street to arrive at Back Beach.
3. Bai Dua (3)
Ba Dua lies approximately halfway tween Front Beach and Back Beach, at the foot of the Small Mount near Nghinh Phong cape. Formerly there were many screw-pines among the rocks dong the shore and hence the beach was called Bai Dua. Along this beach sea is calm with its mild rippling waves. And it's not a long way from here to the statue of Jesus and the fortress on the Small Mount.
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Update : 02-06-2017

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