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Surin Traditional Elephant Festival in Thailand

One of the most celebrated traditional festivals in package trip to Thailand is the Surin Elephant Festival, a festival celebrated in honor of the elephants and their fellow trainers. The elephant festival is taking place in Surin - Isaan in northeastern Thailand, one of the country's more traditional Thai festivals. The Surin Elephant Festival was held in November for the elephants and those who had the merit of training them.

The elephants participating in the Surin Elephant Festival will be decorated, painted in colorful colors and are presented in front of everyone. And those who train them from wild elephants into purebred elephants will ride them for some help.

Surin Elephant Festival with more than 300 elephants are performed in front of many people this is indeed an interesting festival and left a deep impression. These elephants are well-trained and friendly with the locals, and are even very useful tools in everyday life. During the festival, there are exciting activities such as elephant ball games, tug-of-war or you can ride them and march.

The elephant trainers are also known as the professional elephant catchers. Because these elephants were captured from Cambodia and then entered Thailand, they began training them from wild elephants into purebred elephants and helping them in their daily lives. To Surin you will be surprised by the many foreigners who are foreigners deluded by the beauty of Thai women.

Not only enjoy the festive atmosphere of the festival,  see impressive performances, the elephants are also enjoying a great buffet with their favorite dishes. Surin Elephant Festival is maintained and increasingly received the response of many people, the festival speaks the message of friendly life between humans and wildlife. That if you knew how you would turn them into a friend and speak up the value of preserving wildlife.
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Update : 19-04-2017

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