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Ngo Thi Giao

 Mrs Giao was bom in 1894 in Phu Cam. She married Mr Truong Dinh Tung. Mr Ttmg was a mandarin’s assistam (thua phai), so everyone called him ThuaTung. They had nine clipdren (4 daughters, 5 sons), including: Truong Thi Thiep, Truong Dinh Dang, Truong Dinh Bang, Truong Thi Ta, Truong Dinh Chau, Truong Thi Ly, Truong Thi Dieu and Truong Dinh Sang.
Truong Dinh Dang and Dinh Chau died young. Truong Dinh Bang and Dinh Sang then immigrated to foreign countries. Their three daughters, namely Thi Ta, Thi Cuc and Thi Dieu all became sisters of Charity Order. Truong Thi Ly was in Cross Order. Mrs Truong Thi Thiet married a tycoon whose name was Nguyen Van Buu (Buu’s former house is now Provincial Agricultural Materials Co.- in front of Phu Cam church). Buu was an efficient helper of Ngo’s family. Mrs Truong Thi Thiep was the eldest daughter of Mrs Ngo Thi Giao. She died in 1941.
Mr Truong Dinh Tung died in 1934. Mrs Ngo Thi Giao died in 1946 (their tombs are now in the Cross Graveyard, near the sector of Chin Ham).
Mrs Truong Thi Ly was the 6th daughter of Mrs Ngo Thi Giao, she was bom in 1934 and now a sister in Cross Order, An Lang - Hue.
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Update : 10-05-2017

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