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Ngo Dinh Kha (1)

Mr Ngo Dinh Niem had three sons: Ngo Dinh Kha, Ngo Dinh Mieu and Ngo Dinh Dung.
Ngo Dinh Can’s father was Ngo Dinh Kha (born in 1857). As a child, Kha was sent by his father to help ceremony for a French Catholic priest in My Duyet Ha parish, Thach Xa commune, Le Thuy district. This Catholic priest patronized Ngo Dinh Khai in learning at An Sinh Minor Friary in Tung port, Quang Tri province. After that, Bishop Caspar (Vietnamese name was Loc) sent Ngo Dinh Kha to attend courses at Penang Minor Friary (Malaysia) for preparation to be a priest.
Studying for 8 years from 1870 to 1878, it was said that, according to terminology and manner of speech in Catholicism, “while having no grace of God to become a priest”, Ngo Dinh Kha returned in Vietnam to live as a normal parishioner.
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Update : 10-05-2017

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