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Ngo Dinh Can

 Ngo Dinh Can was bom in a feudal family which had many generations believing in Catholicism. His grandfather, father, and elder brothers were mostly higher-up mandarins in Hue dynasty with a long time of receiving good gifts from Nguyen kings. Of whom there were some members who followed Western education and they were nominated posts and got their main salary from the protectorate colonial regime.
Ngo Dinh clan was originated from Xuan Due village -nowadays affiliated to Van Ninh commune, QuangNinh district, Quang Binh province. After successive generations, this clan was divided into several branches, such as: the senior branch (big generation) residing at ancestor’s land was in charge of taking care of anniversaries and ancestor-worshipping days; minor branch (little generation) naming Ngo Dinh earned for living by fishing, then immigrated in Dai Phong village, Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province.
In mid 19th century under Tu Due dynasty, Ngo Dinh Can’s grandfather, Jacob Ngo Dinh Niem, was titled a post of protecting the warenousewm Belonged to Warehouse of Martial Arts Departmentat Hue capital.
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Update : 10-05-2017

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