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Golden advices for an ideal trip

Even if you travel alone, with family or friends, each trip will bring you wonderful and unique experiences. However, there are a few things you should do when you arrive in a new country.
1. Come to local restaurants
When you travel, you can easily notice luxury restaurants whose menu has been translated into several different languages. Many tourists choose them because they can easily order dishes without wasting time to ask questions or ask the interpreters. Still, it's not quite a good idea if you want to enjoy the local food.
You should come to restaurants where locals will often eat. And certainly these restaurants do not look too luxurious and the menu is not translated into English for you to choose from. Although ordering dishes here is a little more complicated, do not hesitate to come here if you do not want to miss the unique flavors of each region.
2. Haggle
Travel is not always affordable. That's why, haggling a little will not hurt anyone and if you're lucky, you can buy an item with a cheap price. In some countries, sellers sometimes give tourists prices much higher than those in reality, especially towards foreign tourists. If you want to spend Two weeks holiday in Vietnam, bargain in the night market will be like a tradition when visiting that beautiful country.
3. Try to speak the local language
The most ideal is that you can speak the language of the country you are visiting. You will have completely wonderful experiences. Yet, if you can not speak fluently in the local language, try learning a few common simple sentences and tell them regularly to everyone you meet. Of course, you will be welcomed more warmly and this will make your trip more meaningful.
4. Be careful with your luggage and your wallet
Burglars are the horror of all travelers. Burglary happens all over the world, especially in popular tourist places. Thieves often choose populated places to malfunction, as visitors there are busy taking pictures, admiring the scenery without paying attention to their handbags and wallets.
5. Enjoy local specialties
One of the most interesting things about a trip is the discovery of the extraordinary cuisine of each country. If you visit Barcelona, Spain without enjoying Tapas, or visit Naples, Italy without enjoying the pasta, this will be a great omission. In particular, each country has a kind of unique cuisine to try like Fugu (raw fish) or Sashimi from Japan. If you are brave to try such dishes, you will have a special experience that few people possess.
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Update : 13-04-2017

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