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First class in the planes around the world

Etihad Airways: Guests booking first class will have a private service, with lounge, bathroom and spacious room. The single rate is 30,000 USD (approximately 675 million VND).
Singapore Airlines: The first class bed is 90 cm wide, 2 m long, with soft cushions that bring guests a good night's sleep on a long flight. The round-trip ticket price is approximately 18,400 USD (415 million VND).
Emirates: The first class on the Emirates plane will offer you a room and an en suite bathroom. The price for an 18-hour flight from Abu Dhabi to New York is approximately 9,000 USD (200 million VND) one way.
Cathay Pacific Airways: Customers who purchase the first class of approximately 28,000 USD (630 million VND) will have separate reclining seats in beds.
Thai Airways: Thai Airways First Class offers spacious private sleeping compartments with a flat-screen TV. The one way ticket from New York to Bangkok costs about 6,000 USD (135 million VND). If you want to try this First classe, Thailand tours package will be an ideal choice for you.
Qantas: Spending about 15,000 USD (338 million VND), visitors will have a private area, a comfortable sleeping area with gadgets such as eye cream, pajamas ...
Qatar Airways: With a slightly more pleasant price, about 5,000 USD (113 million VND) one way, visitors will have reclining seats in beds with a premium pillow cover.
Air France: The first class ticket offers guests private cabins with spacious reclining seats in bed, lockers and personalized service. The cost of one way is 10,000 USD (225 million VND).
British Airways: The first class on the 787-9 Dreamliner includes a 23-inch screen with tactile controls on the armrest.
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