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Famous delicious dishes around the world

1 - Edo-mae zushi in Tokyo
Sushi is always at the top of the list of famous dishes to try while traveling in Japan. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a city famous for the Edo-mae zushi or also known as Sushi. If you have the opportunity to go to Japan, do not forget to enjoy the sushi on the conveyor to sushi restaurants in Tokyo - a really interesting experience.
2 - French Seafood Soup
This is the typical fish-based seafood soup of France. Seafood is often served seasonally with a sauce made from chilies, garlic and olive oil. Accompanied with this Bouillabaisse is toast with tomato garlic. Certainly, this dish will not disappoint you.
3 - American Hamburger
Hamburger is a sandwich of ground meat. The meat can be cooked, fried or fumigated and usually served with some spices in the middle and fries. Hamburger is a typical dish from the United States. In general, hamburgers are often grilled in outdoor festivals.
4 - German sausages
Germany has more than 200 types of sausages made from veal, pork, pig brain ... Each region has its own way of processing a sausage. Bavarian white sausages combining parsley, onions with grilled Chipolata sausages on charcoal will give you the feeling of wanting to eat right away. In addition, there are sausages from Thüringen, Frankfurt, Regensburg or grilled sausages from Nuremberg and Pinkel in northern Germany. But if these dishes are already familiar to you, why don't you go on Vietnam holiday 3 weeks to discover more asian dishes?
5 - Shashlik Barbecue in Russia
The Shashlik barbecue is considered the oldest traditional dish in Russia, often served with wine. Each piece of fresh meat is carefully marinated with spices, skewered on sticks with vegetables and grilled on the smokeless coal that makes the Shashik barbecue delicious, attractive.
6 - Pizza in Italy
Talking about pizza, we immediately think of Italy. This delicious dish popular in Italy is made from flour and then toasted with tomato sauce, cheese. However, the original pizza is like a cake.
7 - Laksa to Singapore
Laksa is the specialty of the Peranakan (a group of Chinese settled in Malacca). Laksa is a mixture of pasta with seafood such as shrimp, squid accompanied with spicy fat coconut milk. You should go to the Katong Gourmet Center to enjoy this dish as it is known as the place where the best Laksa is made in Singapore.
8- Peking Duck
Peking Duck is one of the famous specialties of China, especially in Beijing. The best known characteristics of roast duck is its thin, fragile skin of dark yellow color. After selecting a delicious duck, it will be cleaned and marinated in fresh malt, spices of red vinegar, sugar, salt and then roasted. The firewood used should be camphor wood to increase the flavor of duck meat.
9. Jollof rice and egusi soup in Nigeria
Jollof rice is a dish that should not be missed when traveling to Nigeria, and it is also very popular in West Africa. Consisting simply of rice, chicken, tomato, onion and pepper, Jollof rice is usually served at the ceremony of parties and gatherings. In addition, Nigeria is also known for egusi soup, with major components, including fried bananas and sweet potato puree.
10 - Paella Habana
Paella Habana is one of the typical dishes by visiting Cuba. This dish is made of rice cooked slightly pasty with turmeric, clams, shrimps, squid, green pepper ... Paella Habana is attractive not only by its color and its unique decoration but also by the fresh sweetness of Seafood, strong flavor of turmeric and spicy green pepper ...
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Update : 20-04-2017

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